Space Opening 2011 - Part 1 - Wally Lopez, Fedde Le Grand, Jonathan Ulysses

Thu 02.06.2011

DJsounds is at the most famous car-park party in the world again, blowing the doors wide open on the new Ibiza summer season.

In this clip we speak to DJ's Wally Lopez, Jonathan Ulysses and Fedde Le Grand who can barely contain their excitement and proud owner of DJmag's top club in the world Pepe Rosello. Stay tuned for Part Two when we speak to Cristian Varella and Coxy amongst others.

Space have a fantastic line-up this summer including newcomers Armin van Buuren (Wednesdays) & Roger Sanchez (certain Mondays & Saturdays) alongside Coxy celebrating 10 years @ Space (Tuesdays) and We Love holding down Sundays and Come Together (Fridays) with their amazing live acts.