ADE 2010 - The Smokeeaters

Mon 29.11.2010

Welcome to the world of The Smokeeaters, pushing AV to new places one party at a time. Paul Jay & Simon Mella share a mutual love of fusing popular culture with deep undrground beats and grooves, enhancing the repeatitive hooks and vocals with their tripped out visuals and typography. At their informal ADE showcase at Foodism they tell DJsounds how they create their content, their background, why they do what they do, and their post modernist approach, oh and exactly where that name came from...

Having suffered from previous bad experiences with software, the guys needed reliable hardware so use the DVJ's to mash up their AV clips live, only using the laptop to drop occasional samples in. They tell us in detail how they us the MIDI fuctionality of the DJM-800 to control their video switcher.