2manyd(v)js Part 2 in Mexico City

Sun 21.02.2010

We're back with our second instalment of the 2manydjs clips, this time in Mexico City. Although they've performed in Mexico as 2manydjs a handful of times, David and Stephen tell us that the last time they played here was a year ago as their alter ego, Soulwax.

Their love for Mexico is clear - they wax lyrical about its open-mindedness compared to Ibiza, as well as how they've co-produced with Mexican Indie-underground electronic band, Titan.

 2manydjs are currently playing dot to dot on their world tour with the following dates: Mar 4 Chi Chi - Dubai, Saudi Arabia – 2manydjs dj set Mar 5 Colours - Glasgow, Scotland – 2manydjs dj set Mar 18 Ha'oman 17 - Tel Aviv – 2manydjs dj set Apr 1 Warehouse Project - Manchester, UK – 2manydjs dj set Apr 3 Panorama Festival - Brittany, France – 2manydjs dj set Apr 7 Snowbombing - Austria – 2manydjs dj set Apr 17 Coachella - Palm Springs, US – 2manydjs live show Apr 22 Enoteca - Santiago – 2manydjs live show Apr 24 Club Aeroandes - Bogota – 2manydjs live show Stay tuned for our third and final clip, also from Mexico...