Sara Simms Project, "Future Prophecies", Toronto, Canada

Sun 20.02.2011

Our Canadian reporter Sara Simms, who bought you exclusive footage of Berghain in Berlin, interviews with Dave DK, Marcel Dettman, and Anja Schneider from Mobilee Records is here to tell you about her exciting new project Future Prophecies.

DJsounds caught up with the blonde turntablist and her crew at Public Lounge, Toronto. Made up of an all star cast of fellow Torontonians, hand picked by Simms, Future Prophecies is all about mixing Electronic Music, technology and art. In her own words "I began this project because I would like to use technology in a new way to create musical performances that will inspire the future generation of music producers and musicians."  

Here's the full line up: XI/Ultragamma (Producer/DJ), Decklyn Dubs (Producer/Live Performance Artist), Melle Oh (Writer/Creative Director), Riviera (Producer/DJ), John La Magna from me&john (Producers/DJs), Terence Kissner (Producer/DJ), David Sum (Producer/DJ).

They told us what the project means to them, their music style and also playing off USB on the CDJ-2000s. 

The video includes other footage from the project's first event "Bang the Box", at Blondie's, Toronto.