Magnus and CJ Bolland on the very last night of 10 Days Off 2014 - The Last Waltz 2014 - Day 10

Mon 28.07.2014

Day 10, the last night, the final edition, The Last Waltz with an almost all Belgian lineup. We had Magnus, Ed & Kim, Jan Van Biesen & T-Quest, CJ Bolland and many more during the 19 hours lasting closing party.

From Magnus we talked to Tom Barman (also know as the main man from the rockband Deus) and CJ Bolland about combining sequenced electronic music with live musicians. After that we had a chat with CJ alone about his love for gear, the history of Belgian dance music and his most memorabel night on 10 Days off.

If you followed our daily video reports you might have noticed a 10 Days Off poster has been signed by all the artists we talked to. We’re giving away this poster so if you want to win it, watch this video closely to find out what you need to do.