Space Opening 2011 - Part 2 - Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Steve Lawler

Tue 14.06.2011

Space residents Steve Lawler, Carl Cox and Mark Knight talk to DJsounds fresh from killing it on the decks at Space Opening 2011.

Steve reveals how many opening and closings he has done and how he uses the CDJ-2000s and DJM-2000 to control Traktor. Mark Knight enthuses about his new Toolroom Knights residency this summer on Mondays and how the DJM-900 nexus has evolved from the DJM-800. Space can have a very moving effect on even the most seasoned clubber explains Carl who also cites the importance of the IMS as a factor in the success of the now, gigantic opening weekend.

The Space Opening spectacle again took place over two nights, Saturday and Sunday and stayed open to a leg-wobbling midday on Sunday! Always trying to better themselves the incredible talent playing across the two parties and eye popping visuals and performances plus compulsory CO2 cannons made sure the Ibiza season kicked off with a bang. 

Stay tuned as we will have more from Carl this summer....