Mix Move Part 2 - DJ Antonin on the DJM 2000

Sat 03.04.2010

We return to Porte de Versailles in Paris once again for Mixmove. In this clip, we check out Pioneer France's not so secret weapon, DJ Antonin. He has been playing on their promotional tours for the last couple of years as well as being a feisty Parisian DJ in his own right.

Watch as he hot cues, loops, filters and slip-rolls his way through tribal beats, tech bombs and some tried and tested acapellas on the CDJ-2000s connected via the DJM-2000 to rekordbox 1.1 on a laptop. The new CDJ-2000 firmware, 3.00, along with rekordbox 1.1, allows Antonin to connect the CDJ-2000s to his laptop using the DJM-2000 as an ethernet hub.

This lets him select tracks in rekordbox on his laptop and simply drag them to the desired CDJ at the bottom of his screen. The track is then automatically uploaded to the appropriate CDJ and he can use it instantly. One of the unique features of the DJM-2000 is the white noise generator in the new 'INST FX' section. This "INST FX" section takes the colour effects section from the DJM-800 - hi and low-pass FILTER, CRUSH and adds some unique new effects such as ZIP (pitch down) and JET (flange).