2manyd(v)js Part 4 - Soulwaxmas

Mon 08.03.2010

We're back again with 2manydjs, this time as Soulwax, in Belgium.

David tells us how the Soulwaxmas party was born and how he loves that they're able to use Soulwax and Xmas in the same word!

Self proclaimed technophobe, David runs over their actually rather technical, tech rider which includes the DVJ-1000s and SVM-1000, compulsory equipment for their unique live shows; as well as the concept behind the album cover artwork they use in their sets.

There's even a quick-fire round of DJ/DVJ questions at the end when David feels the pressure... 

2manydjs are currently criss-crossing the globe on their world tour with the following dates: Mar 18 Ha’oman 17 - Tel Aviv – 2manydjs dj set Apr 1 Warehouse Project - Manchester, UK – 2manydjs dj set Apr 3 Panorama Festival - Brittany, France – 2manydjs dj set Apr 7 Snowbombing - Austria – 2manydjs dj set Apr 17 Coachella - Palm Springs, US – 2manydjs live show Apr 22 Enoteca - Santiago – 2manydjs live show Apr 24 Club Aeroandes - Bogota – 2manydjs live show