The Underground Sound of Paris

Tue 30.08.2016

The Underground Sound of Paris is the first in a new series of documentaries where we go deep; probing and exploring unique facets of electronic music club culture.

Told through the eyes of the characters who created, germinated and spawned the scene over twenty years ago - Laurent Garnier, D’Julz, DJ Deep, Nick V and the former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang - to current rave mavericks - Concrete, 75021 at 6B, Francois X, Antigone and Djebali - they lead us through the journey from Paris’ roots in African rhythms and Jazz, to the 90s electronic explosion including the inaugural Techno Parade, through to the current anti-establishment DIY party ethic of the scene today.

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6B - 75021, Antoine Buffard, Antigone, Arab World Institute, Betinos, Brice Coudert, Clara Buot, Concrete, D'Julz, DJ Deep, Djebali, Disquaire Day, Fabrice Gadeau, Farley Brian - Kurst, Fany Corral, Francois X, Hannah Rosseline, Hîm Mohamed, Jack Lang, Jonty Skruff, Julien Boisseau, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, La Source, Laurent Garnier, Jessica Marsh, Jordan Smith, Julee Bee, Sofia Letelier, Lola ED Management, Marc Resplandy, Michel Pilot, Molly, Nick V, Pete Vincent, Phonographe Corp & Digger's Delight, Rex Club, Simon Guillemin, Social Club, Stéphanie Fichard, Syncrophone, Tommy Vaudecrane, Victorien Jacquemond, Wendy Allen, Yoann Till