Amnesia Opening Party 2010

Mon 12.07.2010

DJsounds hung out at the Amnesia Opening Party which also celebrated their 20th year. We were joined by resident DJs, Les Schmitz, Caal Smile and Mar T, who were all equally excited about what the season has in store for them and the club. Les has been playing there for eight years and talks about the changes in the style of music and also about the balearic crowds at La Troya nights. He also chats about the sound in the main room and why he likes the screen on the CDJ-2000s. Caal started playing in 2006 for La Troya and has been a resident since 2007 - he thinks this is going to be the best season so far! Finally we meet the Artistic Manager and resident of 12 years, Mar T. He chats about what's changed at the club since then and the People From Ibiza party which has been going since 2004.