Seb Fontaine at La Rocca

Thu 10.06.2010

We're back at La Rocca in Belgium, this time with Tech veteran, Seb Fontaine. Seb has gone from his first gig at Crazy Larry's on the Kings Road in London, to residencies at the Fridge in Brixton and Cream in the UK and Ibiza, as well as having a weekly show on Radio 1 and regularly touring all corners of the globe.

In the clip, he chats about some of the different stuff he's been doing lately, such as working with Beyonce and the Black Eyed Peas, as well as doing voice-overs for football! He tells us about his favourite gigs, but concludes that he likes a mixture of the gritty smaller clubs as well as the mega venues.

His all time best club is Pacha - find out which one in the clip. Seb also gets sentimental for a bit about the good old days when records used to be released slowly but surely, a few presses at a time, rather than the digital stream of today. Other than that, find out what's in Seb's dream DJ booth other than the Pioneer kit...