Nick Warren @ La Rocca, Belgium

Tue 23.02.2010

Global superstar DJ, Nick Warren, performed at La Rocca in Belgium for the first time in ten years late last year and it went off! His experienced blend of progressive house music filled the floor as he worked the crowd into a frenzy.

Bristol born Warren started his DJ career in fields filled with ravers in 1988 in the infamous summer that was the birth of house music. Back in the day, the DJ was not a superstar, he was just doing the job for his love of music and nothing else. Nick says this hunger for music has never left him and is what still motivates him today.

He has four albums of his own under his belt and also produces mix CDs for Global Underground. His latest CD is called Way Out West, a collaboration with Jody Wisternoff. He is also head of A&R for Hope Recordings.

In the clip, Warren waxes lyrical about how the perfect set can fall into your hands depending on the mood in the room; and also how the CDJ 2000 is going to change everything, especially for lazy DJs! You simply can't lose if you can do all your prep and stick it on a USB key.

He also tells us about the difference between old school and new DJs and how you need to be amazing every time you play. Nick Warren is currently touring in Australia before hopping across the rest of the world for dates in Europe and the US.