How to DJ: Episode 1 - Entering the Scene With Sarah Main (Part 4 of 5)

Sun 15.02.2009

Tune into the penultimate part of Episode 1 as Pacha’s first lady Sarah Main dispenses yet more helpful advice on How to DJ. Here Sarah looks at constructing a set and file formats, and demonstrates how to use the cross fader and up faders to mix two tracks. Sarah also shows how to use gain trim (which is often set at 0dB, or 12 o’ clock) and each channel’s VU meter in order to keep tracks at similar volume levels for a smooth mix. Sarah furthermore illustrates how you can manipulate a mixer’s EQ controls, which on the DJM-400 allow complete control over low, medium or high frequencies. How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV and features Sarah Main (Episode 1), Phil K (Episode 2) and James Zabiela (Episode 3). Words: LRC