Interview: Peter Gun on the MS Hoppetosse, Berlin

Fri 07.08.2009

The party boat MS Hoppetosse, moored on the river Spree in Berlin, is rocking as DJsounds climbs aboard during a recent Proceed gig to talk to the multifaceted German groove-meister Peter Jürgens, aka Peter Gun, aka Ten Madison.

Whether he’s blasting out the tough techno and prog beats under his Peter Gun moniker or showcasing a more mellow side as Ten Madison, Peter’s dedicated 110 per cent to making, playing and shaping music, as he reveals in this interview…

Here Peter chats about his background, DJing around the world and why audience feedback on his music is so important to him.

He also talks about the creative possibilities of non-linear digital mixing and his technical set-up, including the DJM-800 mixer, which he uses to control Ableton Live.

Having released a wealth of material on such labels as Millennium Records, Kling Klong and Iboga, Peter’s productions continue apace, with a new Peter Gun album planned for later this year. Words: LRC