How to DJ: Episode 3 – Mastering the Scene With James Zabiela (2/8)

Mon 06.07.2009

James Zabiela continues flexing his skills and revealing some of his signature Jedi moves in part two of this new eight-part feature on How to DJ for more advanced artists.

In the first clip, James looked at several effects and showed how to set up a feedback loop. Now he’s back to carry on where he left off, and to demonstrate what else you can do with a feedback loop…

Here the Southampton destroyer shows how to do useful things like editing feedback loops, halving the BPM to change the length of a feedback loop, and creating small fills in the loop using spinbacks.

He also introduces the idea of recording samples into the EFX from the CDJ. To be continued…

The How to DJ series is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV.

For this episode all music is supplied by ALiVE Recordings. Words: LRC