Your DJsounds - Future House mix by David Pyro

Fri 26.06.2015

This short Future House mix has been send to us by Italian base DJ David Pyro. He's performing it on two CDJ-2000NXS players and a DJM-900SRT mixer.


  1. Zeier - Shuffle On feat
  2. Sebastian Bronk Ft David Taylor - You ll Never Know (Rowen Reecks Remix)
  3. Rob Pix feat. Barry Tones - Jack That (Tom Budin Remix)
  4. Bougenvilla - Take It Back (Original Mix)
  5. Sartek - Back To The Future (Original Mix)
  6. OKAY (Dave Winnel Mix)
  7. Mesto-Rio (Original Mix)
  8. Croatia Squad - Milking (Original Mix)