Miami 2011 - Joachim Garraud & the DJM-900 nexus

Mon 04.04.2011

As part of our partnership with the Shelborne Hotel in Miami we had a pool front "condo" where we could not only peer right into the DJ booth below but we could also show off the brand new DJM-900 nexus alongside the CDJ-2000s to the DJs attending the pool parties over both weeks.

DJ's could just hang out, play with the new "nexus" or receive top tips and rekordbox advice off our in-house know-it-alls David Eserin and Rik Parkinson. 

No stranger to Pioneer technology, Parisian Joachim Garraud was walked round the DJM-900 nexus by Rik, where he was wowed by the Quantized FX, inimitable Spiral and addictive Dub Echo.