Kutski Super Mario Mischief

Wed 31.03.2010

Following on from Kutski's wonderfully informative CDJ-900 videos last month, we bring you a special holiday treat from the hardstyle Radio One raver.

In Kutski's own words, this clip is: "I did this just for a bit of fun, while testing out the latest update to Rekordbox and CDJ2000. Using an ethernet hub to hook up the CDJs and laptop, you can now drag and drop music onto each CD player directly on your laptop top, or browse the entire Rekordbox library on your laptop on your CDJ's!

So here I simply made a playlist on the laptop and loaded it on the CD players for quick access. Effect used on the DJM800 mixer is the roll (personal favourite), and on the EFX1000, the echo, used to extreme at the end to create the feedback loop.

The tracks used were Organ Donors "Super Mario Bros" and HtheB "Super Mario (Techno Remix)". We particularly liked the sound of Kutski's use of the CDJ-2000's new 3.00 firmware upgrade that allows him to directly connect the CDJ-2000s to rekordbox running on his laptop.

Not demonstrated here, this firmware also has a wealth of tweaks and tuning to make it essential for anyone with a pair of the New Species. Obviously Kutski's dextrous fingers on the CDJs are highly enjoyable but we also love the tried and tested old favourite of the feedback loop on the EFX-1000 to finish things off.