Your DJsounds - Zwackery Late Night Pancake Runs

Tue 28.02.2012

In this clip, DJ Zwackery shows us his stuff in a 30 minute mix on his impressive home set-up incorporating 400s to 2000s and lots inbetween!

DJ Zwackery started mixing music back in high school when he was 16 on his friend's old turntables and he never really took it seriously until he finished school when he was 18.  He is now 22 years old and loves to mix happy hardcore music.

Over the past few years DJ Zwackery has been hosting a large amount of online radio shows on both KraftyRadio and Digitally Imported Hardcore Radio and has learnt a lot from doing a large amount of these "semi public" performances. 

Zwackery says he feels that if any one wants to start off mixing/making music they just have to go and put their stuff out there for all to see - it acts as a great confidence builder and also helps you find out where some of your faults may be and how to improve upon them.

For those interested keeping up to date with DJ Zwackery, check out his Facebook page at