DJ Pierre & the Acid Warehouse Rave, at Petrol, Belgium

Mon 07.12.2009

DJsounds catches up with an original acid house hero – Nathaniel Pierre Jones, better known as DJ Pierre, who, in this clip, plays the Pure Acid Warehouse Rave, at club Petrol, in Antwerp.

During the course of his interview, Pierre talks about playing the party, acid house culture, his preference for slider mixers, and how DJs and raves have changed since ‘back in the day’.

This particular acid reunion party was created by 'Antwerp Acid Alliance', and joining Chi-town’s DJ Pierre, to pump up the decibels and best 80s and 90s flavoured acieeeeed on the night, was Sven Van Hees, Pierre Elitair, Steve Cop, and Pioneer’s own X-ian.

 The old school Master Blaster, 303-synth pioneer and boss of Afro Acid Digital, DJ Pierre now has a career that covers three decades and the ‘Phuture’ holds much of the same as he continues DJing and producing into 2010. Look out for upcoming gigs at matter, in London, and for Gigolo Records, in Munich. Words: LRC