Hector - Artist Profile

Tue 05.12.2017

After a year of following him on and off around the globe, we finally sat down with Hector, over a champagne, in a small record store in Amsterdam called Zwart Gaud.

The Mexican DJ talked us through his adoptive party home of The BPM Festival (and more recently the Portuguese edition), the Vatos Locos family and his humble beginnings from handing out flyers in Ibiza and working in a London record store to fulfilling his dreams as a professional DJ.

Hardworking, humorous and personable (always!), Hector’s story is engaging from start to finish; about how the impact of early English and Ibizan friends, dashed hopes of a professional football career and legendary compilation series from the likes of Fabric and Global Underground were to form the start of his musical path.

He tells us how his stolen record collection spawned numerous amazing industry friendships, and finally, taking us through his all-new vinyl only label (VL Limited) - a somewhat refreshing response to the digital age