BPM 2012 - Part One - Roger Porterfield, Jordan Suckley, Blakey

Sat 03.11.2012

Welcome back to the National Exhbition Centre in Birmingham UK, where DJ's of all descriptions and plenty of tech fanatics have flocked to see the shiny new toys on show.

Pioneer were there of course showing off their raft of new players and controllers including the XDJ-AERO, DigitalDJ-WeGO, RMX-1000 and of course the brand new CDJ-2000 nexus players. 

Across three days, amongst the new 'n' shiny osme amazing guests played on the stand including Jordan Suckley, Kissy Sell Out, Zane Lowe, Blakey amongst others.

In this clip we spoke to Jordan Suckley who gushed about his beloved RMX-1000, Blakey who told us about playing on the new XDJ-AERO and the Pioneer UK competition winner who revealed how he put together that winning set.