The Big Chill, Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire, UK

Mon 20.08.2007

With almost 35,000 chillers immersing themselves in the gorgeous super-nature of the surrounding countryside and a multimedia line-up as breathtaking as the setting itself, The Big Chill was a sublime, sun-soaked smileathon of the highest order.

Grassy knolls, miscellaneous music & art, soul food and organisers with huge hearts, chillers found all this and much, much more. Here, in our first clip from the three-day show (which took place August 3rd-5th), stalwart supporter Tom Middleton talks us through how the festival has evolved and why he thinks it’s so unique. You can expect more soon from Tom, as DJsounds chats to Mr Middleton about his hectic summer, including the dawn of Lifetracks, an album project that he performed live at The Big Chill 2007 and which will be released next month on Big Chill Recordings. Photos: LL, : from the RA gallery