Chuckie @ Blue Marlin and Pacha

Mon 15.08.2011

The genre-spawning Dirty Dutch label big cheese and former Hip Hop hit maker is never afraid of having a tear down on Twitter to his 100,000+ followers, fortunately for DJsounds Chuckie kept his cool when he spoke to us at Blue Marlin at Cala Jondal in Ibiza.

Known by passport control as Clyde Narain, Chuckie told us how little he has seen of the island in the three years he has been coming here, knowing only the walls of Pacha and his hotel room. He speaks of the power of the little known "Hot Cue Banks" in rekordbox and why he changed over to playing off SD card in the first place. Having moved from Guetta's Thursday night at Pacha to being a headline resident on Wednesdays with Erick at Subliminal seems to be proving a shrewd move.