Pete Tong at Wonderland Opening 2010

Wed 28.07.2010

Bet you thought the name came from 'Alice in Wonderland' - well we can tell you officially that it doesn't - find out where it does come from, and lots more in this fascinating interview with Pete Tong. In the clip, Tong waxes lyrical about his night at Eden, Ibiza, now in its third year and going from strength to strength. He tells us how quickly the season has come around again and the immense planning involved in running a party, as opposed to just playing at a club on one of its own nights. He also speaks highly of his residents and we catch-up with a couple of them - Jo Mills and Rob Marmot. Tong tells us about Lady Gaga's appearance at Wonderland last summer and how it was great PR to get the night on the map. This year, amongst others, he has a special guest from the opposite end of the scale, Bryan Ferry.