What's Cookin' at Cafe D'Anvers?

Tue 27.04.2010

Join VJ Nina De Man at Cafe D'Anvers with DJs Jack 'n' Jazz from What's Cookin? They're a collective of three guys and a girl hailing from Ghent, who man the decks together to create vibey parties with an assortment of their musical tastes.

Jack and Jazz tell Nina about their roots, when they used to DJ at house parties in their 'mansion'. The parties went from strength to strength and they attracted the interest of the likes of Big Hair, Inland Knights, DIZ and Massimo Dacosta, as well as spreading out to bigger and better venues such as castles and a big factory.

Now the guys DJ at the best clubs in Ghent, including Vooruit and the ICC building, and they have their own radio show on 'Urgent FM'. We're sure that they'll be cooking up a storm for years to come...