Pete Tong at Paradise, Café d’ Anvers, Belgium

Mon 12.01.2009

DJ Prinz reports for from the super-stylish Paradise pre-party at Martini Bar in Antwerp before heading off to club Café d’ Anvers, where he speaks to headline DJ Pete Tong and Paradise party organiser Patrick Soks. Patrick has been putting on parties since the mid-80s, with his Balearic-style Paradise series rocking Belgium’s floors from 1991. However, you may also know him from Ibiza, where he spent eight years working at the cool KM5 hangout. In this interview, Patrick chats to DJ Prinz about the history and inspiration behind his parties, and about welcoming Pete to Paradise… DJ Prinz then tracks down Pete Tong to talk about his Paradise debut (footage of which is interspersed throughout), playing in Belgium, and the mysterious White Island project… Download the clip, here. Words: LRC